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From ultrasonic teeth cleaning to special introduction to the grooming world




This tooth cleaning experience is like no other!


80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from health issues caused by bad dental hygiene.


This advanced Ultrasonic Toothbrush generates 60 Million oscillations per minute and when combined with the specially formulated toothpaste, it creates millions of fine microbubbles that are able to penetrate into the smallest of gaps.

Through ultrasonic movements, food particles, tartar, plaque and bacteria deep in the gums are transferred to the outside, allowing the teeth and mouth to be cleaned thoroughly.

The motionless and completely silent toothbrush is suitable for all breeds and ages.

This thirty-minute treatment requires no anesthesia, meaning there is no downtime and is a stress-free experience for both dog and owner.

The number of sessions required may vary depending on the condition of teeth and this will be assessed on the initial session with a complimentary consultation.
Maintenance sessions are available to ensure a long-lasting healthy mouth.

- £50 (Maintenance session £25)



We are excited to welcome your new best friend into our lives with this pawfect puppy pack of three. 

They will be introduced to grooming slowly and in the best way possible so that their grooming experiences will be pleasant, as they mature into adulthood.

Their first time with us will be spent in our salon playing and getting to know all the new sounds and smells.

The second visit will include a bath and fluff dry, table training, a gentle introduction to the grooming equipment, a nail trim and, of course, lots of love and treats!


During our last session, your puppy will be familiar with the grooming process and will feel confident while they receive a stress-free and enjoyable full grooming treatment.

To conclude, some mandatory playtime and kisses ... for me

Redeemable after they have had both vaccinations and up to the age of 5 months old.

The puppy pack is to be paid in full and scheduled with an interval of one to two weeks apart.


— £150 (Three sessions)



This service has been developed to help owners who have adopted a dog who may seem anxious when it comes to grooming.

Our introduction for Nervous Companions is perfect for rescue dogs or adult dogs that have developed fear aggression due to experiencing trauma with humans and other dogs.

Our goal is to reinforce positive association with all aspects of grooming without having to muzzle.

We will ensure that your pet is the only dog in the salon, receiving our undivided attention and one on one time. 

We will give your pet the space and comfort they require to make them feel at ease in our presence and slowly begin to introduce the grooming tools and noises, to help us understand which areas require further attention. 

Our initial 1-hour introductory session will help us gather a better understanding of your pet's requirements and we will be able to see if further sessions will help or if your pet will require professional training from a specialist.

- £50 per session

Please see the Terms and Conditions

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